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Our Services

We offer services that are specifically
designed to help you archive your financial goals.

Online Investing

We provide you with profitable and reliable investment opportunities and make your investments easy and efficient.

Continuous Income

We help you grow a strong financial empire that generates income continuously buy building a strong financial network.

Brand Strengthening

We help you leverage your financial network to strengthen both your personal and business brand

How It Works

A few steps you need to follow in order to get the best out of our platform.

1. Register

Register for an account and activate it

2. Reffer

Use your referral link to refer new clients to the platform and earn continuous commission.

3. Invest

You can also invest your money on the platform and earn return on investment every month.

CEO's Message

Message from the CEO.

Yes we can rise above our current levels as long as we all keep the focus,create the commitment, believe in our values and take the necessary actions life will always be joyful Nothing happens until we take action And if we are not happy with how things are we can take the responsibility to change things So it's all about what we believe in that drives our passion for changes Feel free to join us and understand your why reasons then you can see ways out on doing it.

Why Join Yesdec International?

So here are a few reasons why you should join Yesdec International.

  • 1. Acquire practical hand skills
  • 2. Improve standard of living through financial accessibility
  • 3. Earn residual income from team
  • 4. Develop dreams and realize them easily
  • 5. Easy to start and affordable to everyone
  • 6. Life time membership
  • 7. Company support
  • 8. Instant withdrawals and deposits through mobile money
  • 9. Support system available both from company and from team
  • 10. Many partnerships to run the programs and on ground work

About Us

Yesdec International is a Network Marketing organization that was created to help you create a continuous source of income

Our Key Activities
  • - Skills trainings and entrepreneurship
  • - Human capital development through trade and commerce
  • - Online shopping and property trading
  • - Financial empowerment
  • - Investment's and attract interest per month
  • - Network marketing
  • - Branding

Our mission is to help people to build wealth that can last generation to generations.

To be dream achievers.


Digital financing

We offer financial services including loans, savings, investment,Shares and funding opportunities to all our members through the system

Skills Training and Entrepreneuship

With our unique approach, we offer first class skills needed for converting challenges to opportunities through innovative skills and these skills rage from different ranges including computer training, tailoring, craftmenship, agricultural value chain, animal, poultry,feeds, cosmetic and any new emerging demands that comes with time.

Business consultancy

We offer classified business consultancy services from start up growth and sustainability levels And with unique approach from

  • 1. How to generate business idea
  • 2. How to start the business idea (business plan development)
  • 3. How to improve the business
  • 4. How to sustain the business ( business continue ty)


We Train on business build up in the sector of agriculture,value addition, marketing, branding and packaging Organic fertilizers production, hydroponics,feed formulation,farm management and record management

Network marketing

We offer various opportunities across team work performance and these include appreciating efforts of members who Join us through a link shared by the person called sponsor Indirect bonuses paid to the you for the efforts that your team introduces to the system Rewards are given to people who happen to reach certain levels hence getting company support to them Block chain academy We help to train members on how block chain technology works and also how crypto currencies are taking over the Fiat currency And similarly we offer first class skills training on forex trading for those wishing to attain more knowledge for better business

Our registration packages Include
  • Gold package
  • Silver package
  • Bronze package

All members who register they get free Skills according to the packages they subscribe too

Green environment protection and climate change adoption promotion practices such as use of solar , energy saving stoves, briquettes, afforestation and recycling practices for all waste products

Electronic devices

We deal in high quality electronic services ranging from computers,phones , accessories, solars TVs

Social cooperative services

These include

  • Youth friendly services such as reproductive health services
  • Gender based violence management skills,drug abuse control, livelihood promotion and child protection services and psychosocial support services.

Are you ready?

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start the journey to your financial freedom.